Last Beautiful June was founded in the year 2007 as a leisure project of Robert (drums) and Björn (guitar). Steffen as the bass-player and thomas as the shouter joined the band in the same year just some months later. In summer 2008 these guys made their first record called "Last Beautiful June". Meanwhile the band was made up of five guys where Robby is playing now the lead-guitar. The result is a doubtless a more voluminous and brute sound.

The guys were playing togehter in this latest line-up for several years and did a ton of local and nationwide shows. In the meantime the band released ist six-song-record named "Welcome to the crisis" which contains tracks that are faster and more dirty trash- / deathmetal.

Last Beautiful June has made a trusty fandom, which supports the band at all of the shows. This makes a gig always a terrific experience for the listeners and the band itself.

In the middle of 2011 the band started the recordings to their following album which enlarged their discography in april 2012. The band made an significant step forward in respect of song-writing with the nine-song-smasher "Schemes". The tracks are more melodic and the clean-vocals became more and more important.

After Björn had to leave the band due to time-problems, Marcus joined them as the new guitar player. After a lot of more live shows, the boys started to record their latest record, which is the 4-song-ep "Ungrund", which is going tob e released in summer 2015. The tracks of this ep are more catchy as them on the forthcoming records and that's why they find the way more easy into the remembrance of the listeners. But even so, also on this record, the guys still remained true to themselves: this handmade music is still sincere with a true requirement to itself, to the society and to the fans

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